Without a doubt, the threats made against her, her family and friend are really just the lowest. That said, she made such a stupid and heartless decision with the costume that if I was someone who actually knew this girl, I think I would have to give her a lesson in empathy and put it to her like this: What if someone was so tacky and inappropriate enough to dress as a rape victim? And what might that look like? Well, in order to be as equally offensive as the bombing victim costume, I think it would look like a woman who has been beat up, with torn clothing, maybe some random bruising on various parts of her body with fake blood running down her legs coming from her vagina and/or rectum to simulate the vaginal and anal tearing and bruising and then perhaps they could wear a shirt that says, "Beware, I might have contracted the following diseases due to being raped: STD's, HIV or Hepatitis". That girl would lose her fucking mind if she met a person parading as a rape victim looking like I described...and rightfully so, because it would be equally offensive as her costume. She is obviously someone lacking not just empathy but also self awareness who needs this lesson taught to her in a context she could relate to.