Being B- and Rh+ along with some other specific antibody that I don't know the name of means that I have the 2nd rarest blood type and its always in demand. Also because I've never given birth my Rh antibodies are very valuable for producing Rh antigens. Unfortunately all of these factors have gotten me banned… » 4/10/15 11:05am 4/10/15 11:05am

I prefer olive juice but I was always told that in the absence of a “test clean” kit you can drink enough pickle juice to throw off the alkaline in your urine allowing you to pass a urine drug screen for marijuana. Don't know if it actually works though. » 4/04/15 2:14pm 4/04/15 2:14pm

Hellur! Exactly! I'm a honkey who lives in the hood. There are exactly ZERO Starbucks or any other coffee shops for miles around me. Wanna know how we get our coffee fix in the hood? We go to the corner gas station and pay 89 cents for our refills and I would give anything if one of the Arabic store clerks tried to… » 3/17/15 2:02pm 3/17/15 2:02pm

I concur. I work on a pediatric cancer unit and my colleagues and I are convinced that we've encountered cases. However, the medical team will never pursue our allegations for fear of a defamation suit against them. I know it sounds horrific that someone would do further harm to an infant or child who already has a… » 3/02/15 4:08pm 3/02/15 4:08pm

Um yeah, speaking as someone who also unintentionally screwed up their mom's life by being born, lemme just say what a vapid lil piece of shit this chick is and I wish her nothing but many many thousands of dollars in therapy bills for her child. » 1/20/15 12:25pm 1/20/15 12:25pm

This is the first I've heard of this but I'm curious. I have terrible sinus troubles, including having surgery to try to help, but I continue to suffer. I have some acne also that is mostly hormonal and I have a tad bit gingivitis so I think maybe I could give this a go. Question: do you brush your teeth before or… » 3/07/14 5:55pm 3/07/14 5:55pm

I'm sorry but that shit is funny and so are the name generators. If he had been like just one syllable off or had messed up only one part of her name it would have been a little mistake and we could move on, but no, this Mf'er looked straight into the teleprompter and choked. His one and only job for the evening was… » 3/04/14 9:37pm 3/04/14 9:37pm

Yeah, I could seriously not give two shits about this woman and her choices... with one stipulation... that she continue living on donations. Cause if that bitch draws welfare I wanna fucking know about it and as a tax payer I would want to refuse to contribute. » 2/22/14 11:33pm 2/22/14 11:33pm