This is the first I've heard of this but I'm curious. I have terrible sinus troubles, including having surgery to try to help, but I continue to suffer. I have some acne also that is mostly hormonal and I have a tad bit gingivitis so I think maybe I could give this a go. Question: do you brush your teeth before or… » 3/07/14 5:55pm 3/07/14 5:55pm

I'm sorry but that shit is funny and so are the name generators. If he had been like just one syllable off or had messed up only one part of her name it would have been a little mistake and we could move on, but no, this Mf'er looked straight into the teleprompter and choked. His one and only job for the evening was… » 3/04/14 9:37pm 3/04/14 9:37pm

Yeah, I could seriously not give two shits about this woman and her choices... with one stipulation... that she continue living on donations. Cause if that bitch draws welfare I wanna fucking know about it and as a tax payer I would want to refuse to contribute. » 2/22/14 11:33pm 2/22/14 11:33pm

When I was in elementary and middle school (1978-1985) our cafeteria was on a cash only basis and if you got free or reduced lunch you just gave your name instead of handing over cash. If people in line behind you saw this lack of money exchange then they knew, or at least it was confirmed, that your family was poor.… » 2/07/14 6:38pm 2/07/14 6:38pm

I overheard a future pole dancer.... um, I mean teenage girl request a set of these once at the manicurist and when the lady tried to convince her to go with a more natural, classier look the girl explained that she wanted them to look fake so that everyone would know that she pays for her nails as opposed to growing… » 2/01/14 5:09pm 2/01/14 5:09pm